WBG Management Committee

Diane Elson, Chair has been a member of the UK Women’s Budget Group for more than 10 years, and is currently Chair of the Group. She is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, UK. Diane has published widely on women’s rights and government budgets, and acted as advisor on gender responsive budgeting to the United Nations Development Fund for Women, the United Nations Development Programme, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the government of Iceland.

Claire Annesley is Professor of Politics at the University of Manchester, specialising in gender politics and policy. She has been a member of the Management Committee of the WBG since 2010.

Marcia Beer, Treasurer

Sue Cohen is Chief Executive of the Single Parent Action Network (SPAN). Sue has responsibility for SPAN’s overall strategic development at a national and European level including policy development and managing major partnerships, working on anti-poverty and anti-discrimination strategies. She is also a Research Associate of the School of Law, University of Bristol.

Scarlet Harris is the TUC’s Women’s Equality Officer. She joined the TUC in 2009 and works on a wide range of policy issues including maternity rights; representation of women in unions; occupational segregation; women in the labour market; equal pay; the gender pay gap; sex discrimination; violence against women; and family policy. As part of the TUC’s ongoing work campaigning against public sector cuts, Scarlet has produced work on the gender impact of the cuts.

Susan Himmelweit

Annelise Johns With a background in Architecture and Urban sociology, through the WBG Annelise has been able to combine her interest in feminist economics and experience in housing policy. The policy division of the Women’s Budget Group is relatively new and has created the ideal platform to merge the economic and urban realms. She has been a member of the Management Committee panel for 2 years, and provides housing related input.

Jackie Longworth brings to WBG experience of working on women’s equality issues in a voluntary capacity. Her paid career was as an engineer in the electricity industry experiencing gender stereotyping first hand! She joined the Women’s Engineering Society, becoming its President shortly before she retired. She was active in her male dominated engineers’ Trade Union, becoming its President in the mid 1990s. Since retiring she has Chaired the regional women’s equality network Fair Play South West and represented the SW TUC on the now abolished Regional Assembly, which she chaired for two years. Her mission on the WBC management committee is to develop strategy and plans for spreading the “Gender Budgeting” message into regions and localities of England, so that local budget decisions might further women’s equality, rather than widen disparity.

Angela O’Hagan is Convenor of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group and has been engaged in the process of securing equality analysis in the Scottish Budget process since its inception in 1999/2000.  She is also a member of the European Gender Budgeting Network, aiming to support development exchange of practice in gender budgeting in Europe.  With a background in voluntary and public sector equalities and rights organisations in Scotland, Angela has been a Research Fellow at the Institute for Society and Social Justice Research at Glasgow Caledonian for the last few years, where she was awarded her doctorate comparing experiences of gender budgeting in Scotland and Spain in 2013.  Angela is a member of the Scottish Government’s Equality and Budgets Advisory Group (EBAG) and has regularly given evidence to committees of the Scottish Parliament – and elsewhere – on improvements in gender analysis of budget processes.

Ruth Pearson

Jerome de Henau is Lecturer in Economics at the Open University. He joined the Women’s Budget Group in 2010 and its management committee in 2013. His expertise areas include quantitative anlaysis of between and within-household gender inequalities in income and employment and the impact of work-family and tax-benefit policies across European countries.

WBG Coordinator

Rosalind Worsdale