Care Services

Jul 1, 2015 | Analysis, Older publications

All of us need care at points in our lives; as children, if we are sick, or disabled and in old age. However the majority of adult care recipients are older women, many living on reduced incomes as a result of having spent their own lives caring for others. Most of those employed in care are women, as are the majority of those who provide care unpaid for their families. Finding a better way to fund and provide care is therefore of vital importance to women.

The Women’s Budget Group is calling for

  • A fully integrated National Health and Care Service along the lines of the NHS: providing care free for all citizens who need it as a public service;
  • Better training, pay, employment rights and job security for paid care workers,
  • Support for informal carers through increased social security benefits for those whose caring duties impact on earnings and greater support from public services
  • A more equitable sharing of caring responsibilities between women and men.
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