Nov 1, 2013 | Analysis, Older publications

Women’s Budget Group analysis of tax changes contained in annual Budgets and Autumn Financial Statements can be accessed here

The Women’s Budget Group briefing on the changes to Indirect Taxation in 2010/11 is available here

In 2013 the Coalition Government introduced proposals to ‘recognise marriage’ in the income tax system from 2015-16. These allow couples who are married or in civil partnerships to transfer up to £1,000 of their annual personal allowance of tax-free income between themselves, as long as neither pays income tax at more than the basic rate.

The Women’s Budget Group Briefing on 2013 Transferable Tax Allowance: ‘Recognising marriage in the tax system will not benefit women’ is available here

The Women’s Budget Group Press Release on 2013 Transferable Tax Allowance: ‘Marriage tax break fails women (and 69% of married couples)’ is available here

Feminist Budget Takeover

    On Monday 11th December the government has the opportunity to put fairness at the heart of our tax and benefit system. Stella Creasy MP, has put forward an amendment to the most recent budget asking the government to commit to analysing how its plans...