Briefing Papers

The Women’s Budget Group have produced a series of briefing papers on key gender equality issues, which provide useful summaries of the most important information.

March 2016
10 years of austerity – Cumulative impact assessment, 2010-2020

March 2016
Investing in the care economy to boost employment and gender equality

March 2016
Here to Stay: Women’s self-employment in a (post) austerity era

June 2015
Social Care for the elderly in England

June 2015
Poverty in the UK: the need for a gender perspective

April 2015
How do election 2015 party manifestos measure up to a Plan F for a caring economy?

April 2015
Budget 2015 Briefing Paper: ‘Don’t fix the roof while the foundations crumble’

March 2015
PLAN F: A Feminist Economic Strategy for a Caring and Sustainable Economy

On feminist economic strategy:
‘To ensure economic recovery for women, we need Plan F’

On the Transferrable Tax Allowance:
‘Recognising marriage in the tax system will not benefit women’

On the 2014 budget:
Budget 2014 – Giveaways to men, paid for by women