The General Election 2017

Jun 5, 2017 | News

Women’s Budget Group has carried out analysis on a wide range of policy which we will be using to raise awareness around the upcoming General Election 2017.

See our election blog specials on Brexit, social care, and social security with more to come!

We’ve also set up a women’s campaign election microsite with other women’s organisations.

The other ten organisations involved are: Southall Black Sisters, 50:50 Parliament, the Fawcett Society, Girlguiding UK, Maternity Action, Rape Crisis England and Wales, Rosa, the Young Women’s Trust, the End Violence Against Women Coalition, and the Women’s Resource Centre.

What will leaving the EU mean for Women?

Women’s Budget Group have created shareable infographics on Brexit, Social Security and Social Care.

Along with the other infographics, they are intended as a resource for feminist activists in the run up to the general election. Retweet and share them on social media with the hashtag #ge2017forwomen.

What’s tax got to do with it?

Tax has a significant impact on gender equality.   It's the main way we pay for public expenditure, the public services and social security that we all need. Because women look after others more than men, often at the expense of their own incomes, they use public...