Built Environment Committee: Meeting the UK’s Housing Demands

Date Posted: Wednesday 8th December 2021


The Women’s Budget Group submitted a response to the Built Environment Select Committee on Meeting the UK’s Housing Demands in September 2021.

You can find our response here.

Summary of WBG’s response:

Housing is fundamental to life, security, and wellbeing as well as tackling climate change and working towards a zero-carbon future.

Women face specific challenges securing homes that are affordable and suitable for them and their families. This is a consequence of structural inequalities, including women’s lower earnings from employment, due in large part to a disproportionate share of caring responsibilities.

The Government needs to commit to investing in social housing, building new, low carbon homes with guaranteed low rents. This would provide security for families and reduce the level of housing benefit, currently required to cover the cost of unaffordable private rents.

You can find our full response here.