Operation Yellowhammer: briefing from the Women’s Budget Group

Date Posted: Thursday 12th September 2019

BrexitNo deal

The Operation Yellowhammer report was finally released and it confirms many of the issues the Women’s Budget Group warned about in our report with the Fawcett Society on the economic impact of Brexit on Women in 2017 and in subsequent blogs and briefings.

The Government warns that: “Low income groups will be disproportionately affected by any prices rises in food and fuel” – this will hit women harder as they are more likely to be poor and more likely to manage household budgets particularly in low income households.

It also warns that “An increase in inflation following EU exit would significantly impact adult social care providers due to increasing staff and supply costs, and may lead to provider failure.

Women are the majority of those needing care, and the majority of those providing it (paid and unpaid). Our social care system is already in crisis so any impact of a no-deal Brexit would be particularly devastating.

The Yellowhammer report only focuses on the immediate impact of no deal – there is no mention of longer-term impact on the economy or jobs. Nor is there any equality impact assessment.

WBG has produced a response to Yellowhammer which is available HERE.