Spring Budget 2022 Pre-Budget Briefings

Date Posted: Tuesday 15th March 2022

Spring Budget 2022

Ahead of the Spring 2022 Budget, our briefings set out the impact of current policies, with an emphasis on the cost-of-living crisis. They lay out the existing policy and fiscal landscape and recommend measures to protect and improve living standards for economically vulnerable women, and promote gender equality for women in all their diversity.

View and download our Spring 2022 pre-budget briefings

Childcare and gender

Women and employment

Health inequalities and gender

Housing and gender

Economic challenges for single mothers

Social care and gender

Social security and gender

Taxation and gender

Violence against women and girls

Local government and gender

Other briefings

Economic challenges for disabled women (Spring 2021)

Economic challenges for migrant women (Spring 2021)

Economic challenges for young women (Spring 2021)

Education and gender (Spring 2021)

Household debt and gender (Spring 2021)

Gender and trade post-Brexit (2018)

Equality Impact Assessments (2019)


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