29 Women’s and Equality Organisations joint ‘Manifesto for Women and Girls’

Date Posted: Friday 15th November 2019

Women’s Budget Group and other women and human right’s organisations have come together to launch a ‘Manifesto for Women and Girls.’ to empower voters’ conversations with candidates about issues facing women and girls.

We believe this can change. #GE2019WomenandGirls

The ‘Manifesto for Women and Girls’ empowers women to have conversations with their candidates across the board about transformative policies for gender equality. It builds on our collective experience to recommend how the next government can:

  1. End Violence Against Women and Girls
  2. Secure Equal Representation
  3. Promote Equality at Work and Home
  4. Invest in Public Services that Work for Women
  5. Lift Women and Children out of poverty.

You can download the ‘Manifesto for Women and Girls here

The ‘Manifesto for Women and Girls’ is supported by:


50:50 Parliament


Care International UK

Centre for Women’s Justice

Equality Now





Latin American Women’s Aid

Latin American Women’s Rights Service

Maternity Action


Rape Crisis England and Wales


Safe Lives

Sisters of Frida

Southall Black Sisters

Surviving Economic Abuse

The Centenary Action Group

The End Violence Against Women Coalition

The Fawcett Society

Welsh Women’s Aid

White Ribbon

Women in Prison

Women’s Budget Group

Women’s Resource Centre

Women’s Aid

Young Women’s Trust