WBG quick response to Government Plans on Funding for Social Care

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st July 2021

careSocial Care

The crisis in social care is urgent, there are currently 1.5 million people with unmet care needs in the UK. Addressing this requires immediate action, whatever the longer-term settlement. Care should be recognised as a form of social infrastructure, for which the Government can borrow to invest, as it
does to invest in physical infrastructure.

Investing in care benefits everyone in society. The cost of social care needs to be shared across society in a progressive way so that those who can pay more, contribute more. The costs of social care should not fall on those who need care or on those groups most likely to need care. Whilst the UK WBG welcomes the Government’s current proposals, we believe that there is a fairer way to fund social care. 

Read our full response to the Governments plans for funding Social Care.