7. Work to develop a global trade system that is socially and environmentally sustainable

What needs to happen?

As a result of the UK leaving the European Union (EU), the UK is now responsible for negotiating its own trade agreements. Its future trade and investment agreements should actively promote, rather than undermine, the fulfilment of human rights, and the creation of caring economies based on equality, sustainability and wellbeing, both in the UK and in other countries.

  • Ensure that all post-Brexit trade and investment agreements guarantee no deterioration of environmental, human rights and labour standards in the UK and our trading partners
  • Ensure the benefits of trade are shared, by assessing the impact of trade and investment deals on equality and human rights, and taking action to support any groups who will be negatively impacted
  • Exclude public services from trade and investment deals
  • Exclude investor protection provisions in their current form from all future UK trade deals