Gender equality and the economy

1st call for evidence

Our initial call for evidence was intended to be fairly broad in scope and addressed some fundamental questions around gender equality and the economy. We wanted to gather information from communities and grassroots women’s groups and organisations, as well as work done by think tanks, trade unions, academics, civil society organisations, and representatives from the public and private sectors.

The questions we asked were very open and we were keen to hear first person accounts of gender inequalities as well as evidence from practice, research and other types of knowledge and experience.

Our guiding questions were:

  1. What are the causes of gender inequality in the economy?
  2. How does gender inequality interrelate to other forms of inequality in the economy, such as race inequality, disability, and poverty?
  3. What issues are important to research and make proposals on in order to create policies for a gender-equal economy?
  4. What resources or publications are important for the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy to consider?

In total we received 32 submissions, some written and some verbal. You can view the written submissions by clicking on the buttons below.