Tax Justice & Gender Justice

Event Date: Friday 19th March 2021

The Women’s Budget Group invite you to our series of webinars addressing the most pressing issues facing women across the UK today.

Tax is a key tool that the government has to address this inequality. However, at the moment wealth is very lightly taxed in the UK. This exacerbates inequality, with particular harms for women.

This webinar, jointly hosted by the UK Women’s Budget Group and Tax Justice UK, was a discussion chaired by Margaret Hodge MP, with Sue Himmelweit (UK Women’s Budget Group), Robert Palmer (Tax Justice UK) and Guppi Bola (Decolonising Economics).

During this discussion, we found out the gendered impacts of the tax changes in the 2021 budget and heard WBG and Tax Justice UK set out our vision for a tax system that would promote gender equality.

Watch the recording below, or watch it on our YouTube page here