New workshop dates coming in 2022

Data Training

Join us for the START programme from the UK Women’s Budget Group. This is an exciting new beginner’s programme aimed at building confidence and capacity in accessing and using Statistics To Achieve Real Transformation. All sessions are free to attend. The programme will run throughout the year.

No experience of working with data, statistics or maths is necessary.

In the first series of introductory sessions we will focus on how to FIND information at a local level because Feminist Initiatives Need Data.

Look out for our sessions coming later in the year, which will focus on how to USE data in your local campaigning and advocacy work.

About the FIND series

The sessions are designed to introduce you to some of the key tools you can use to uncover inequality in your local area in the UK. There will also be time to network. We hope to promote peer learning, and build relationships with and between organisations working towards the same goal: women’s equality.

We believe that we learn best by being involved, so all sessions will require participation. Support will always be on hand, though. 

Session 1: Discovering Data.

In our first session we’ll think about what data is, and how data can help us to uncover inequality. We’ll introduce you to some publicly available data. You’ll work with websites where data is published by public sector bodies. You’ll find some data that is relevant to you. The session is aimed at beginners.

Thanks for coming!

Next available session: Coming soon

Session 2: Delving into Data.

In our second session we’ll introduce you to data on a theme. This theme might change as our Local Data Project briefings are released. What will stay the same is that you’ll work with datasets so you can discover what your local situation is.

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Next available session: Coming soon

Session 3: Local Labour Data.

The third session will introduce a tool for getting information on local labour market statistics. We’ll show you how to access the data. You’ll find data on your local area. The session is based on NOMIS.

Next available session: Coming soon

Thanks for coming!

Join us for one, two or all three sessions.

Is this programme for me?

We recognise that data collection can perpetuate traditional positions of power and privilege. Who gets counted? Who counts? This programme is for you if you want to shake up these traditional roles of power and privilege.

We also know that data opens doors. The aim of the programme is to help you to use the power of data to get the conversation started. But the power of data also lies in connecting stories to numbers. That’s where your knowledge of your local community comes in.

This training is for you if you want to improve the lives of people in your local community. Whether you are local to Lambeth, Lampeter, Larne, Largs, or Lyme Regis (or even somewhere that doesn’t start with L!), you are welcome.

You might be a volunteer, or you might work for a charity. You might work for local government, or just be interested in facts, figures or feminism. This programme is for anyone who is interested in women’s economic equality, and who wants to harness the power of data. No experience with data is necessary.

This programme is an introduction to data access for feminists. If you are a seasoned data user/analyst and you are already familiar with publicly-available data, we still want to hear from you! Learn more about the project, and find out how to collaborate with us by emailing Emily:  

Due to the popularity of the programme, priority will be given to: people with limited experience of working with data; those involved in their local community.

We also ask that a maximum of two people from the same organisation apply to join. We are happy to organise bespoke training for your organisation, though. Email Emily for more information. 

The Briefing Series

Throughout the year, we release briefings on a range of topics. To complement these briefings we demystify some of the data in the research.

Look out for workshop updates throughout the year.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it! – I look forward to seeing women across the country using data on their local area to bring about change.

Caroline Criado Perez