Media Round-up: May 2019

Date Posted: Monday 3rd June 2019

Who's been talking about WBG this month?

Open Democracy
Sustainable Development Goals in the UK: Not as rosy as the Government wants you to believe
Koldo Casla & Imogen Richmond-Bishop, 7th May 2019

According to the Women’s Budget Group, lone mothers with disabilities have lost the most overall due to the cumulative impact of tax and welfare reforms. By 2021 lone mothers with disabilities are set to lose 21% of their net income, this rises to 32% if one of their children also has disabilities. Changes to the personal tax allowance that came into force this April will mean that the top 10% will receive an extra £6,500 a year whilst the bottom 10% will only receive an average of £650.

The Times
Send in the friendly robots to share burden of caring for elderly
Philip Aldrick, 13th May 2019

The Guardian
Open Letter
16th May 2019

40 researchers, educators and campaigners on inequality criticise the makeup of the IFS Deaton review’s expert panel. 

BBC Radio 4
More of Less (podcast)
Caroline Criado Perez, 20th May 2019

Caroline Criado Perez highlights the work of WBG. 

The Guardian
Why the Spice Girls inviting Theresa May to their reunion show is not girl power
Aimee Cliff, 20th May 2019

A report by the think tank Women’s Budget Group in 2016 found that women – especially low-income women – would shoulder 85% of the financial burden of Tory changes to tax and benefits.