Post Pandemic Childcare

Date Posted: Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Cabinet Office 
70 Whitehall 

Dear Vicky Ford MP (Minister for Early Years), Gavin Williamson MP (Secretary of State for  Education), Mims Davis MP (Minister for Employment), Elizabeth Truss MP (Minister for Women and  Equalities), and Rishi Sunak MP (Chancellor of the Exchequer), 

Re: Early Years Policy – Protect All Childcare Workers and Support All Children – directly fund  nurseries and guarantee provision for all disadvantaged children 

We are parents, early years workers, childminders, lone parents, and guardians. We are childcare providers, babysitters, nursery school teachers, SENCos and nannies. We are grandparents, key workers, NHS workers, critical support. 

We are citizens and we are undocumented. We are people that care. 
We write because early years policy now impacts public health. 
We write because early years policy has always impacted public health. 

Successive governments have failed women – who undertake the majority of unpaid or underpaid  childcare work, and right now are once again shouldering the burden of a public health crisis and  papering the gaps created by the lack of a coherent early years policy. Schools have closed but early years settings remain open to all. No evidence has been published to  show that early years age children transmit the virus less. Early years workers health is being put at  risk. Yet both parents and childcare workers fear closures because there is inadequate support for  them to stop work. 

Key workers who are parents, often earn under minimum wage, and have been required to work  throughout the pandemic. Yet with the early years sector fragmented, and increasingly dominated by  multinational chains, providing little flexible and affordable support, they are forced to rely on  “informal” (unpaid) childcare arrangements. These arrangements now put family members – frequently grandparents – at risk. With increased transmission rates and covid-19 cases leading to  whole nursery closures, the situation only gets worse. 

Likewise, the importance of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) support at the earliest  age, and the exploitations resulting from the hostile environment, are too often overlooked in terms of  sector demands to address what is not a singular childcare crisis, but a number of crises. The remaining quality early years infrastructure, the small, non-profit, community and cooperative  nurseries, council-run day nurseries, and maintained nursery schools are at the point of complete  collapse. These settings provide affordable childcare, support for disadvantaged children, children  with SEND, and children learning English as a second language. They are struggling due to the culmination of years of underfunding, and insufficient support from government in the face of the  pandemic. 

If these organisations shut their doors forever, it will cause redundancies of predominantly female  workforces, increase unjust employment practices, and mean children lose out on education during  the most important stage of their development. There will be dire consequences for the human rights  of disabled children, gender equality and the economy. 

We call on you to: 

  1. Close Early Years settings to all but key workers’ children, vulnerable children, and alli children  identified with SEND, during this new national lockdown, in line with schools. 
  2. Prioritise Early Years and Special Educational Needs staff for vaccinations in the next round. 
  3. Stop relying on parents (especially lone parents) to get us through the public health crisis by  working two, or more, jobs at once. 
  • Ensure a legal right to shared and flexible furlough for all parents/carers in case of childcare due to  school or early years settings closures, or because of the need to shield (for worker, or member of  worker’s household). Currently this is at the employer’s discretion, and TUC research shows 71% of  requests from women during this recent lockdown have been refused. 
  • Adjust furlough so that it doesn’t fall below Real Living Wage (80% of minimum wage is a starvation  wage). 
  • Make furlough a legal right for allii nannies/childcare workers based in the home, as for setting-based  workers (unless supporting vulnerable children, children with SEND, or key workers families), if larger  early years settings are closed for public health. 
  • Clearly communicate these rights, to all employers. 
  1. Improve the Self Employment Income Support Scheme so that all parents (including those who are  recently self-employed, a limited company, or have recently taken maternity leave) are properly  supported when they can’t work due to school and early years closures, and so that childminders stop  falling through the gaps. 
  2. Change and increase the funding of Early Years entitlements – so all Ofsted-registered childcare  providers (including childminders, public nurseries: nursery schools and council-run nurseries, private  and voluntary day nurseries), get a direct payment from DfE (as schools do) to cover the actual costs  of staff and overheads. Instead of the current system of payments attached directly to children and  allocated based on inadequate costs per childcare place.iii
  3. Quickly roll out a significant, urgent, and conditional, funding injection for the whole early years  sector, which increases local democratic control of settings, with no bailouts of big childcare chains,  unless they ensure Real Living Wage, and no dividends or share buy-backs while in receipt of  funding. iv
  4. End No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) – or we will continue to see migrant workers forced to  choose between risks to their health and putting food on the table.
  5. Improve the rights of those on an Overseas Domestic Worker visa to enable them to renew after six  months and change their employer. Many on this visa are victims of ill treatment and these  adjustments would stop them from having to stay with bad employers and from becoming  ‘overstayers’ – undocumented and at a greater risk of exploitation and abuse. 
  6. Increase Child Benefit. This benefit used to be universal and once functioned as a small  acknowledgement of unpaid childcare work. It is now means-tested and has not risen with inflation  since 2011, despite the fact it is a crucial income source for many families. 
  7. Remove the two-child cap for Child Tax credits and Universal Credit. Stop making parents on  Universal Credit pay for their childcare costs up front. Or completely scrap it and come up with a  system that actually works for people. 

Yours sincerely, 

Nirupama Naidu, parent campaigner, SEND Crisis Tower Hamlets 

Veronica Deutsch, nanny, co-founder of Nanny Solidarity Network 

Louise O’Hare, parent campaigner, SEND Crisis Tower Hamlets 

Lee Shannon, parent campaigner, National Public Day Nurseries campaign and Fight For The Five,  Salford 

Miranda Critchley, nanny, co-founder of Nanny Solidarity Network 

Lucie Stephens, Parent/Guardian, Nursery Director, Friendly Families Nursery, Deptford Cllr Caroline Woodley, Lead Member for Early Years in London Borough of Hackney, Hackney North  and Stoke Newington 

Miranda Hall, Researcher, New Economics Foundation 

Maud Perrier, Parent/Guardian, University lecturer, Bristol West 

Helen Pankhurst, author, campaigner on women’s rights and grand-daughter of Sylvia Pankhurst  Pippa Weaver, Early Years worker, Bath 

F Benham, Early Years worker, Pre-school SENCo and deputy manager, Croydon Central Laura McGuire, Early Years worker, Nursery School Teacher, Makerfield 

Lisa Davis, Early Years worker, Nursery practitioner, Spelthorne 

Michelle Hurren, Early Years worker, Nursery manager, South Suffolk 

Sarah Banthorpe, Early Years worker, Pre school assistant, Ipswich 

Vanessa Roberts, Key worker, Primary School Teacher, Bethnal Green and Bow Clare Phelps, Early Years worker, SENCo, Bournemouth East 

Lynne Segal, Academic/Writer, Islington North 

Clare McNeil, Parent/Guardian, Associate Director, Institute for Public Policy Research  Cllr Gabriela Salva Macallan, St Peter’s Ward, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green  and Bow 

Dr Paul O’Hare, Professor of Medicine, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire and  University of Warwick  

Candace Reading, Tower Hamlets Mums, Parent/Guardian, Bethnal Green and Bow Kerry Bateman, Early Years worker, Nursery Practitioner, Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle Deborah Francis, Early Years worker, Childminder, Brecon and Radnorshire 

Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann, Dulwich and West Norwood 

Jayne Hooley, Early Years worker, Director of Independent Nursery – Tissington Kindergarten,  Ashbourne, Derbyshire Dales 

Teresa Snape, Early Years worker, Deputy, Burton 

Rebecca van der Westhuizen, Early Years worker, director Early Years setting, Derbyshire Dales Elizabeth Vigar, Early Years worker, Pre-school manager, Chichester 

Georgia Newnham, Early Years worker, Deputy nursery manager (primary school teacher QTS),  Brighton, Pavilion

Kelly Ashmore, Early Years worker, SENCo, Southampton 

Erika Turner, Early Years worker, Day nursery deputy room leader, Orpington Amanda Adams, Early Years worker, Manager, Compton and Shawford Preschool, Winchester Gemma Guerrero, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Social worker, Dulwich and West Norwood Vicky Harper, Early Years worker, Grandparent, Nursery teacher, Stalybridge and Hyde Alex Heslop, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Hannah Krepski, Early Years worker, Primary school nursery practitioner, Lichfield Samantha Adams, Early Years worker, Senior Key Person and SENCo, Peterborough Michelle Fordham, Early Years worker, Pre-school Assistant, Arundel and South Downs Claire Dicken, Early Years worker, Childcare practitioner, Portsmouth South 

Vanessa Roberts, Key worker, Primary School Teacher, Bethnal Green and Bow Catherine Gardner, Early Years worker, Teacher & Lead Practitioner – PVI, Maidenhead Emma Courtman, Early Years worker, Preschool practitioner, East Surrey 

Victoria Penson, Early Years worker Winchester 

Martine Browne, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker Early Years practitioner, Reading  East 

Beatrice Hatton, Early Years worker, Head of department –private pre-school, Cirencester Marilyn Hargraves, Early Years worker, Nursery school manager, Basingstoke Julene Baugh, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, SENCo early years practitioner,  Ilford South 

Penny Dogan, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian Chipping Barnet 

Amanda Bentham, Key worker, Support for Learning Service (SLS) staff, NEU Rep, NEU District  Committee member, Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Gill Oliver, Early Years worker, PVI setting sessional, Bermondsey and Old Southwark Natasha Mason, Early Years worker, Tissington Kindergarten, Derbyshire Dales Anna Yianni, Early Years worker, Preschool team leader, Edmonton 

Leanne Lenord, Key worker, Social worker, Wythenshawe and Sale East 

Vera Jane Radford, Early Years worker, Nursery nurse, Poplar and Limehouse Emma Green, Early Years worker, Key worker, Safe guarding and preschool practitioner, Ipswich Lisa Lord, Early Years worker, Playgroup Manager, Ashton-under-Lyne 

Rafia Ahmed, Early Years worker, Key worker, Nursery school – nursery nurse, Poplar and  Limehouse 

Rajan Naidu, Lewisham West and Penge 

Stacey Jamieson, Bolton South East 

Charlotte Mason, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Early Years Practitioner, Bolsover Jessica Axon, Salford and Eccles 

Sarah Goodlad, Key worker, Customer Assistant – retail, North East Derbyshire Kim Doherty, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Grandparent, Nursery Manager,  Bognor Regis and Littlehampton 

Annette Law, Early Years worker, Key worker, Preschool teacher/manager, Central Suffolk and North  Ipswich 

Olivia Shambrook, Nursery Manager, Abbey Wood Grange Day Nursery, Croydon Emily Smith, Early Years worker Cardiff North 

Fiona Lancaster, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Day nursery worker, Liverpool,  West Derby 

Anne Barlow, Children and Families Officer, Salford and Eccles 

Martin Franklin, Grandparent, Retired teacher, Labour Party member, Islington North Sharon Green, Early Years worker, Childminder, Barnsley East 

Ruth Pearson, Grandparent, Norwich South 

Maria Chrysostomou, Teaching Assistant, Mitcham and Morden 

Michelle Hopkins, Parent/Guardian, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Fallon Clemans, Blackley and Broughton 

Kersten Williams, Early Years worker, Montessori Teacher, Braintree

Isabelle Parkinson, Key worker, Teacher, NEU member, Bethnal Green and Bow Marc Lancaster, Parent/Guardian, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Rachael Lloyd, Parent/Guardian, Salford and Eccles 

Kate Beck, Early Years worker, Early Years Educator, St Albans 

Grace Linden, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Rowena Meaton, Early Years worker, Bristol West 

Louise Renney, Early Years worker, Nursery Support at lunchtime, Brookhill Nursery School, Barnet Ryan Ready, Primary Teacher, Glasgow North East 

Sandy Paul, EC Member, Poplar and Limehouse CLP, Unite the Union, Poplar and Limehouse Emma Dancey, Early Years worker, Maintained Nursery School, Nursery nurse, Hertsmere Sue Quinlan, Grandparent, Liverpool, Walton 

Gail Morrison, Early Years worker, Grandparent, Teacher, Poplar and Limehouse Alena Ivanova, Glasgow South 

Martin Powell-Davies, Lancashire NEU Branch, Westmorland and Lonsdale 

Amanda Elliot, Hackney Special Education Crisis, Hackney 

Caroline Hughes, Early Years worker, Key worker, Grandparent Salford Council Nursery Worker,  Salford and Eccles 

Nicky Downes, Grandparent, National Executive Officer NEU, Coventry North East Arielle Bennett, Stevenage Labour Party Secretary, Stevenage 

Ele Lamb, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Secondary teacher and parent of two under 5s, Leyton and  Wanstead 

Jessica Leschnikoff, CLP Secretary, Maidstone and The Weald 

Anna Wolmuth, Key worker, SENDCo and teacher in a Pupil Referral Unit, Walthamstow Julia Voce, Key worker, Primary Teaching Assistant, Brighton, Pavilion 

Lyn Prendergast, Administrator, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Gary Fowles , Secondary school teacher retired, West Worcestershire 

Sandie Jeetoo, Early Years worker, Early years educator council nursery, Enfield, Southgate Owain Gardner, North West Durham 

Julie Ward, Unite Community, North West Durham 

Cam Rose, NHS workers, Student, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Mary Griffiths, Grandparent, Woking 

Kirstie Paton, Key worker, Teacher, Lewisham West and Penge, Assistant Secretary and Health and  Safety Officer, Greenwich NEU 

John Austin, Grandparent, Former MP, Hove 

Rose Seabury, Grandparent, Retired teacher, North Durham 

Dawn Judd, Unite Community, Preston 

Deborah Curtis, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, The House of Fairy Tales, Hackney South and  Shoreditch 

Donald Harding, Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Colleen Molloy, Leicester West 

Julia Voce, Key worker, Primary Teaching Assistant, Brighton, Pavilion 

Rachelle Loftus, NHS workers, Nurse, Bury South 

Gary Freeman, Retired member of UNISON, Gedling 

Helen Davies, Key worker, UNISON representative, Tottenham 

Jane Wratten, Early Years worker, Day nursery worker, Sheffield Central 

Cheryl Brown, Key worker Secondary teacher, South West NEU rep, Bristol South Brenda Coulson, Grandparent, Wigan 

Aysan Alba, Key worker, Primary school teacher with a 2 year old at nursery, Lewisham, Deptford Helen Coulson, Parent/Guardian, St Helens North 

Julie Thomas, Early Years practitioner, Gosforth Preschool, North East Derbyshire David G Lees, Labour Queers for Public Nurseries, Glasgow South 

Sian Stokes, Parent/Guardian, Podiatrist, North Warwickshire

Pamela Calder, Grandparent, Honorary President Early Childhood Studies Degrees, Vauxhall Judith Secker, Grandparent, Oxford East 

Farah Hussein, Parent/Guardian, Uxbridge and South Ruislip 

Dr Julia Moody, NHS worker, General Practitioner, West Ham 

Lorna Jones, Early Years worker, Key worker, Early Years nursery worker, Derbyshire Dales Rebecca Winson, Basingstoke 

John Brissenden, Romsey and Southampton North 

Professor Beverley Skeggs, Professor of Inequalities Analysis, Lancaster University  Aidan Harper, Islington North 

Dr Anna Livingstone, NHS worker, Grandparent, GP, Officer in UNITE Barts Health and Tower  Hamlets BMA, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Jo Littler, Parent/Guardian, Professor, Sociology, Walthamstow 

Nicky Road, Grandparent, Former Early Years adviser, Tooting 

Dr Naomi Beer, NHS workers, GP, Camberwell and Peckham 

Daisy May Barker, PhD Researcher, St Helens South and Whiston 

Alpa Shah, Associate Professor and Convenor of ‘Global Economies of Care’, International  Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science 

Sheena McKerrell, Key worker, Retired Teacher, Calder Valley 

Karen Reissmann, NHS workers, Grandparent, Nurse, Manchester Central Christine Berry, Parent/Guardian, Stretford and Urmston 

Anton Borg, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Gavin Everall, Parent/Guardian, Unite and Labour Party member, Bethnal Green and Bow Dr Jackie Applebee, NHS workers, Chair of Doctors in Unite, GP, Poplar and Limehouse Dr Mohammad Kayes, NHS workers, GP, Bethnal Green and Bow 

John Ingham, Grandparent, Retired local government worker., Plymouth, Moor View Shahana Uddin, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, practice manager, Poplar and Limehouse Dr Neil Douglas, NHS workers, Doctor, Lewisham East 

Nicola Quinn, Poplar and Limehouse 

Susan Gratwick, Retired teacher, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Sundar Joshi, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Bronwen Evans, Key worker, Secondary teacher, Tottenham 

Tahera Begum, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Key worker, Nurse, Poplar and Limehouse Alka Panchal, Early Years worker, Day nursery deputy, Hendon 

Lucília Branco, Poplar and Limehouse 

Rachael Lloyd, Parent/Guardian, Salford and Eccles 

Phoebe Savidge, Key worker, Social Worker, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Rachael Lloyd, Parent/Guardian, Salford and Eccles 

Petra Polic, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Childminder, Croydon Central Sam Daltrey, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Key worker, Radiographer, West Ham Nora Maddock, Independent Arts & Health practitioner & consultant, Dulwich and West Norwood Rebecca Crocker, Parent/Guardian, York Central 

Melanie Jackson, Parent/Guardian, Lecturer, Lewisham West and Penge 

Mariam Rasekh, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Alex Taylor, Parent/Guardian, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Liam O’Driscoll, North Thanet 

Roseanna Jackson, Leyton and Wanstead 

Aoife Hanna, East Kent 

Dr Ruth Vickers, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Key worker, Doctor, Sleaford and North Hykeham John Stephens, Key worker, Secondary teacher, NEU member Waltham Forest District, Bethnal  Green and Bow 

Tanya Duff, Early Years worker, Teacher, North Thanet 

Sasha Das Gupta, East Ham

Kaz Harrison, Parent/Guardian, Leyton and Wanstead 

Maggie McNulty, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham East 

Dean Pickin, NHS worker, Radiographer, Dagenham and Rainham 

Mark Montegriffo, Hackney South and Shoreditch 

Alex Sabine, Course Leader, Early Childhood Studies, University of Portsmouth, Isle of Wight John Stephens, Key worker, Secondary teacher, NEU member Waltham Forest District, Bethnal  Green and Bow 

Jane Sabine, Early Years worker, Manager, The Playroom Nursery & Pre-School, Isle of Wight Karen Parny, Key worker, Secondary school teacher, Huddersfield 

Kim O’Hare, Grandparent, Stratford-on-Avon 

Ayumi Yoshida, Parent/Guardian, Poplar and Limehouse 

Sabina Akhtar, SEND crisis Tower Hamlets, Parent/Guardian, Poplar and Limehouse,  Amy Horton, Lecturer in Economic Geography, UCL 

Paula Bodington, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Cheryl Clements, Parent/Guardian, Poplar and Limehouse 

Anna Salva, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Jessica Ete, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Giulia Gavotti, Camberwell and Peckham 

Mimi Jalmasco, Early Years worker, Walthamstow 

Anne Barry, Grandparent, Brighton, Kemptown 

Roberta Edwards, Early Years worker, Deputy Manager, Hornsey and Wood Green Laura Schwartz, Lewisham, Deptford 

Saima Suleman, Parent/Guardian Birmingham, Hall Green 

Lynda Haddock, Grandparent Bermondsey and Old Southwark 

Anne Marie Sanguigni, Early Years worker, Key worker, Nanny, Lewisham, Deptford Avril Sharp, Kalayaan – UK’s leading charity supporting migrant domestic workers Victoria Lindstrom, Edinburgh East 

Bernadette Taylor, Parent/Guardian, (Ex) Public Sector Audit Manager, Hornsey and Wood Green Jo Hepworth, Key worker, Local Authority Eary Years Advisor, Camberwell and Peckham Sarah Madden, Parent/Guardian, Bristol East 

Sean Mohan, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, District Inclusion Lead, Canterbury Katie Butler, NHS workers, Clinical Scientist, Hendon 

Jane Atkinson, Grandparent, Dwyfor Meirionnydd 

A Morgan, Parent/Guardian, Leyton and Wanstead 

T Tighe, Mansfield 

Bethany Shirley, Parenthood Matters action group, Eddisbury 

Elizabeth Daigle, Parent/Guardian, Croydon Central 

David Adshead, Early Years worker, Key worker, Specialist Teacher for Early Years SEND, West  Lancashire 

Chloë Lewis, Parent/Guardian Putney 

Kathryn Elk-in, Parent/Guardian, Artist, Berwick-upon-Tweed 

Elizabeth Bishop, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham, Deptford 

Lynne Amery, Retired adult education manager, Coventry North East 

Paula Wheeler, Health Researcher, Stockport 

Charlotte Lary, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Secondary teacher, Hornsey and Wood Green Joshua Harrington, Parent/Guardian, Cities of London and Westminster 

Ameeta Maier, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Bronwen Barradell, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Education Officer for Children in Care, Leicester  South 

L Gardiner, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Early Years practitioner, South West  Wiltshire 

David Canning, Parent/Guardian, Leicester South

Jenny Barradell, Grandparent, Grandmother providing childcare to enable parents to work, South  Leicestershire 

Judith Harding, Grandparent, Somerton and Frome 

Joe Knutson, Early Years worker, Nursery School Headteacher, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton Katherine Barradell, South Leicestershire 

Sarah Coyle, Parent/Guardian, Children’s author, Chesham and Amersham 

Gail Murphy, Early Years worker, Key worker, Headteacher of Maintained Nursery School, Lancaster  and Fleetwood 

Penelope Steel, Former nursery worker, Brighton, Kemptown 

Anna Vaughan, Manchester, Withington 

Sarah Bourn, Parent/Guardian, Hove 

Jacqueline Kay, Early Years worker, Registered childminder, Newton Abbot 

Jack Ashton, Key worker, Teacher, Sutton and Cheam 

Eleanor Tomlinson, Parent/Guardian Exeter 

Claire Whyers, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Early Years Worker & SENCo, Sheffield Central Charlotte Schindler, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, NHS radiographer and mother of EY child, West  Suffolk 

Kelly Brooker, Early Years worker, Deputy head Nursery school, South West Hertfordshire Jason Winstanley, Parent/Guardian, Business Analyst, Makerfield 

Eleanor Schling, Parent/Guardian Tottenham 

Emma Wright, Early Years worker, Childminder, Emma Childcare Ltd, Cambridge Claire Godbeer, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Private nursery teacher, Bristol North West Aaron Oliver-Taylor, Parent/Guardian, Tottenham 

Sally Gubb, Hertford and Stortford 

John McGlone, Parent/Guardian, Exeter 

Eleanor Taylor, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Secondary Teacher, Wellingborough Simon Hadley, Parent/Guardian, Production director, Maldon 

Lisa Spirling, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham West and Penge 

Laura Davies, Parent/Guardian, University support staff, The Cotswolds 

Alice Morrissey, Parent/Guardian Hackney South and Shoreditch 

Nichola Bamber, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Footprints Child Care, Ribble Valley Gemma Banks, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Primary School Teacher, Broxtowe Rachel Southern, Parent/Guardian, Ilford North 

Frances Cooper, Parent/Guardian, University Lecturer, Bristol West 

Kharunya Paramaguru, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham West and Penge 

Elena Cockram, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Social Worker, Meon Valley 

Katie Aspin, Parent/Guardian, Wakefield 

Isabel Christie, Parent/Guardian, Research scientist, Tottenham 

Helen Jardine, Parent/Guardian, EFL teacher, Brentford and Isleworth 

Jody Aked, Parent/Guardian, Worthing West 

Catherine Hounsome, Early Years worker, Preschool leader, Bristol East 

Rikke Waldau Teacher, South East Cambridgeshire 

Rachel Childs, Parent/Guardian, University support staff, Oxford West and Abingdon Zoe Elworthy, Parent/Guardian, Walthamstow 

Laura King, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Community nurse, Bristol East 

Sue Page, Early Years worker, Nursery Manager, North East Cambridgeshire Lisa Palmer, Early Years worker, Teaching assistant Maintained Nursery School, West Ham Joanna Harris, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Nursery school teacher, Brentwood and Ongar Sarah Rogers, Parent/Guardian, Bristol East 

Hazel Harris, Grandparent Retired, Brentwood and Ongar 

Carries Smith, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham West and Penge 

Casey Hodgkins, Early Years worker, Day nursery worker, Scarborough and Whitby

Kirsty Jones, Early Years worker, Early Years practitioner, Kingswood 

Francis Hughes, Parent/Guardian, Folkestone and Hythe 

Larne Abse Gogarty, Lecturer, Holborn and St Pancras 

Stephanie Wilson, Early Years worker, Day nursery worker, Folkestone and Hythe Victoria Lee, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Trustee of a charity preschool, Rutland and  Melton 

K Seymour, Parent/Guardian, Reading East 

Alicia Rutledge, Parent/Guardian, Oxford West and Abingdon 

Poppy Ludwig, Parent/Guardian, Tooting 

Wendy Kettleborough, Early Years worker, Pre School, Sheffield, Heeley 

Sophie Neville-Taylor, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Former Early Years teacher now Stay at  Home Mum, Derbyshire Dales 

Ben Bishop, Parent/Guardian, Lewisham, Deptford 

Jude Roberts, Unite Representative, Banbury 

Elaine Swan, academic, University of Sussex, Poplar and Limehouse 

Andrea Jackson, Early Years worker, Charity run preschool, Tatton 

Priya Knowles, Parent/Guardian, Primary school teacher, Bristol South 

Anna Fardell, Parent/Guardian, Bristol South 

Iain Ball, Parent/Guardian, Brigg and Goole 

Julie McCandless, Parent/Guardian Sittingbourne and Sheppey 

Kristina Stromberg, Early Years worker, Childminder, 

Sarah Ball, Parent/Guardian, Brigg and Goole 

Sarah Ashwin, Parent/Guardian, Professor of Industrial Relations, Twickenham Catherine Fairhurst, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Children’s Center Family  Support Manager, Bristol West 

Anna Jenkins, Early Years worker, Key worker, Children’s Centre Worker, Filton and Bradley Stoke Charlotte Lucas, Early Years worker, Nursery owner and Forest School Practitioner, Free Rangers  Forest School Nursery, Midsomer Norton, North East Somerset 

Samantha Chinnick, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Children’s centre day care  manager, Bristol North West 

Emily Ruddock, Early Years worker, Community preschool practitioner, Surrey Heath Lucie Ruddock, Nursery Nurse (retired), Norwich South 

Eva Willoughby, Parent/Guardian, Tottenham 

Roxane Twining, Early Years worker, Children’s Centre Director, Filton and Bradley Stoke Roberta Edwards, Early Years worker, Deputy Manager, Hornsey and Wood Green Samantha Barnsley, Parent/Guardian, Lecturer, Colne Valley 

Claire Kelly, Early Years charity worker, Hackney North and Stoke Newington Shada Lambert, Early Years worker, Key worker, Nanny, 

Claudia Campbell, Key worker, Former full-time live-out nanny, Chelsea and Fulham Emma Dolman, Parent/Guardian, Hastings and Rye 

Elizabeth Bennett, Early Years worker, Early Years manager, Folkestone and Hythe Rachel Maranto, Early Years worker, Early Years Educator at Private Nursery, Camberwell and  Peckham 

Felicity Murphy, Parent/Guardian Hertford and Stortford 

Sally Fullwood, Central Devon 

Lisa Hiscocks, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Early Years practitioner, North Somerset Helen Jardine, Parent/Guardian, English as a Foreign Language teacher, Brentford and Isleworth Sarah Lawrence, Early Years worker, Early Years Worker, York Central 

Jodie Corcoran, Twickenham 

Andrew Fisher, Parent/Guardian, Croydon Central 

Jo Boyd, Parent/Guardian, West Suffolk 

Kat Joyce, Parent/Guardian, Truro and Falmouth

Claire English, Parent/Guardian, Walthamstow 

Siobhan James, Parent/Guardian Kingston and Surbiton 

Cassie Holmes, Early Years worker, Nursery Nurse, Wellingborough 

Kerri Matthews, Key worker, Family support lead, Brentry and Henbury Children’s Centre, Bristol  North West 

Bethany Wilson, Early Years worker, Private day nursery practitioner, York Outer Tracy Hiley, Early Years worker, Manager of charity pre-school, Mid Derbyshire John Dominick, Early Years worker, Childminder, Arundel and South Downs 

Dave Dalton, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, General manager for a residential care company,  Derbyshire Dales 

Xanthe Whittaker, researcher and trade unionist, Dulwich and West Norwood 

Gillian Sanders, South East Cambridgeshire 

Andrea Dudding, Trade Union lay official, York Outer 

Sandy Gizzi, Early Years worker, nursery nurse, Hornsey and Wood Green 

Paddy Connally, Parent/Guardian, South Derbyshire 

Finn McCarthy, Early Years worker, Key worker, Early Years Educator, Oxford East Dijana Long, Early Years worker, Nursery school worker, St. Margarets Nursery School, Barnet Chris Ward, Parent/Guardian, Editor, Bristol South 

Rowan Caney, Parent/Guardian Birmingham, Selly Oak 

Maia Kirby, Parent/Guardian, Secretary of Hackney North and Stoke Newington Labour Party  Christina Zacharia, Early Years worker, Maintained Nursery School, Chipping Barnet Sally Skaife, Grandparent, Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Beth Bramich, University Lecturer, Lewisham, Deptford 

Sally Latham Birt, Parent/Guardian, Former research scientist – will return once child in school,  Chipping Barnet 

Rafaela Tempestini, Early Years worker, Chipping Barnet 

Peter Whittle, Parent/Guardian, Oxford East 

Keith Lichman, Retired, Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Moira McCarthy, Parent/Guardian, Stroud 

Alice Klein, Parent/Guardian, Mother of nursery attendee, Lewisham, Deptford Amy Martin, #RadicalChildcare, Birmingham 

Katie Coletti, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Assistant Headteacher of Nursery School, Chipping  Barnet 

Adrian Bua, University lecturer, Hornsey and Wood Green 

Charlotte Sumner, Early Years worker, Key worker, Day nursery worker, The Wrekin Anna Hartnell, Parent/Guardian, Battersea 

Caroline Hughes, Early Years worker, Early Years Manager, Colchester 

Naomi Doran, Parent/Guardian, Tottenham 

Eunice Duthie, Social worker, Edinburgh South 

Margaret Munck, Grandparent, Glasgow North 

Helen Wyburn, Former Early Years worker, Warwick and Leamington 

Lynn Brierley, Local Authority Early Years SEND advisory service, South Derbyshire Miriam Hicklin, Parent/Guardian, Guildford 

Liam O’Hanrahan, Early Years worker, Planning Preparation and Assessment Teacher, Lewisham,  Deptford 

Sara Reis, Head of Research and Policy, UK Women’s Budget Group 

Fallon Clemans, Blackley and Broughton 

Alison Smith, Hove 

Helen Dunn, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Children’s Centre worker, Bristol  North West 

Allayha Banfield, Early Years worker, Day nursery worker, Bristol South 

Kathryn Bennett, Parent/Guardian, Teacher Educator, Secondary English, Sheffield Central

Laura Turner, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Parent, Hackney North and Stoke Newington Bronwen Evans, Key worker, Teacher, Tottenham 

Ilaria Vecchi, Lecturer, Leeds North West 

James Found, Parent/Guardian, Stafford 

Patricia Gulley, Southend West 

Rebecca Grainger, Early Years worker, Day Nursery Worker, Bradford South Leah Alexander, Early Years worker, Early Years practitioner, Darlington Rosa Kurowska, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Secondary Teacher, Holborn and St Pancras Dave Kirby, Grandparent, Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Laura Jones, Early Years worker, Day nursery worker, Ellesmere Port and Neston Hilda Palmer Health and safety campaigner and adviser, Blackley and Broughton Rosie Freeman, Parent/Guardian, Montgomeryshire 

Abi Mills, Early Years worker, Childminder, Lancaster and Fleetwood 

Hamish Mills, Early Years worker, Childminding Assistant, Lancaster and Fleetwood Lorna Bryce, Grandparent, Rainbow Smiles Nursery, Weston Super Mare Alison Payne, Retired Physiotherapist, Basildon and Billericay 

Martin Payne, NHS workers, Physiotherapist (retired), Basildon and Billericay Jane McLean, Parent/Guardian, Parent and preschool committee member, City of Chester Katie Lyttle, Stay at home mum, City of Chester 

Helen Gould, Parent/Guardian, Freelance Dance Director, Lancaster and Fleetwood Harpreet Paul, Parent/Guardian, Oxford East 

Debbie Kersley, Occupational therapist, Cheltenham 

Cheryl Jones, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Early Years Mansger, Vale of Clwyd Courtney Sheridan, Early Years worker, Early Years practitioner and 1:1 support, Vale of Clwyd Valarie Depineo, Early Years worker, Pre school, City of Chester 

David Corcoran, Twickenham 

Amanda Sylvester, Early Years worker, Nursery practitioner, Camberwell and Peckham Catherine De Sousa, private teacher & lone parent, Eddisbury 

Elizabeth Bennett, Early Years worker, Folkestone and Hythe 

Siobhan Kohli-Lynch, Parent/Guardian, Bristol West 

Susie Steel, Early Years worker, Supply teacher, Kingston upon Hull North Ruth Potts, Putney 

Mark Roberts-Mapp, Early Years worker, Early Years Teacher Apprentice, Romford Alice Thres, Early Years worker, Nursery Administrator, Cheltenham 

B Sprot, Early Years worker, Pre school, Berwick-upon-Tweed 

Hayley Evans, Early Years worker, Pre school keyworker, Berwick-upon-Tweed Dorothy Purvis, Early Years worker, Pre school deputy manager, Berwick-upon-Tweed Lindsey Dupler, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Parent & Early Years teaching assistant,  Brentford and Isleworth 

Yukiko Munemoto, Parent/Guardian 

Lindsay Watson, Early Years worker, Preschool Early Years practitioner, The Cotswolds Janet Roake, Grandparent, South West Surrey 

Anne Marie Sanguigni, Early Years worker, Key worker, Nanny, Lewisham, Deptford Elaine Hoctor, Grandparent, Leyton and Wanstead 

Sheridan Locke, Early Years worker, Deputy Preschool Leader, Bristol West Caroline Basnett, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Key worker, Childminder, Delyn Shelagh Grievson, Grandparent, Brentford and Isleworth 

Bethany Drew, Early Years worker, Nursery Practitioner, Winchester 

Helen Davidson, Early Years worker, Nursery administrator, 

Susie Hannah, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Key worker Poplar and Limehouse Jay Drinkall, Islington North 

Kate Hobbs, Early Years worker, Enfield, Southgate

Steven Ollerenshaw, Early Years worker, Brighton, Kemptown 

Laylah Hough, Luton South 

Gillian Andrew, Oldham East and Saddleworth 

Lauren Chaaib, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Primary school teacher, EYFS teacher, Supply  teacher, mother, North Swindon 

Sarah Shipton, Early Years worker, Key worker, Grandparent, Ofsted Registered Childminder, Harlow Charlene Peacock, Parent/Guardian North Tyneside 

Marissa Begonia, Director, The Voice of Domestic Workers 

Sarah Bennett-Leyh, Early Years worker, Childminder, Brighton, Pavilion 

Thomas Jamieson Self Employed, Brighton, Kemptown 

Priscilla Cezarino Silveira, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Occupational therapist NHS, Brighton,  Pavilion 

Kate Monson, Parent/Guardian Brighton, Pavilion 

Molly Talbot Vine, Parent/Guardian, Brighton, Pavilion 

Rachael Murray, Parent/Guardian, Brighton, Kemptown 

Delwar Islam, Parent/Guardian, Poplar and Limehouse 

Alice Bondi, Penrith and The Border 

Sarah Bennett-Leyh, Early Years worker, Childminder, Brighton, Pavilion 

Freya Llewellyn, Parent/Guardian, Brighton Pavilion 

Kathleen Bailey, Early Years worker, Early Years Teacher, Eastbourne 

Catherine O’Donovan, Enfield North 

Stefania Chiariello, Early Years worker, Bristol West 

Ray Goodspeed, Chair, Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party, Leyton and Wanstead Paula Stevens, Early Years worker, Pre-school Manager, Southern Cross Pre-school, Hove Francesca Gains, GM4women2028 Campaign, Manchester  

David Simpson, Parent/Guardian, Wythenshawe and Sale East 

Jonathan Grinham, Halifax 

Chris Taylor, Unite member, Manchester Central 

Simon King, Manchester Central 

George Baker, Blackley and Broughton 

Sarah Mohammad-Qureshi, Parent/Guardian, Rochdale, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor,  ‘Education’ Lead for GM4Women2028, Manchester 

Dr Kate Bush, Parent/Guardian, NHS workers, Doctor, Winchester 

Kathryn Siegel, Parent/Guardian Lewisham, Deptford 

Astrid Everall, Bethnal Green and Bow 

Andy Bush, Parent/Guardian, Winchester 

Helena Coates, Parent/Guardian, Labour Party Member, Swinton South ward, Salford and Eccles Wendelyn Nova, Carer, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Kensington 

Analee Lazarito, Early Years worker, Cities of London and Westminster 

Yolanda Santos, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Nanny and cleaner, East Ham May Belen Untalan, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Carer/ Old Widower, Hendon Renera Ichon, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Key worker, Nanny, Bethnal Green and Bow Demie Masupil, Brent Central 

Rose Canares, The Voice of Domestic Workers, North East Bedfordshire 

Genevive Martin, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Early Years worker, Key worker, Carer, Ealing  Central and Acton 

Yvonne Needham, Harborough 

Tom O’Hare, Parent/Guardian, Leicester 

Mitos Piluden, Domestic worker, Kensington 

Anne De guzman, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Nanny, Harrow East 

Vanessa Ochondra, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Domestic worker, Sevenoaks Shamas Berdul, The Voice of Domestic Workers, Early Years worker, Windsor

Sara Herrero, Key worker, SEN teacher, Dulwich and West Norwood 

Tarcha Peters, Early Years worker, SEN nursery assistant, Leeds Central 

Robert Munton, Early Years worker, SEN 1:1 Teaching Assistant (Nursery), Chingford and Woodford  Green 

Margaret Knell, Harborough 

Emma Brown, Early Years worker, Parent/Guardian, Nursery teacher, Lewisham, Deptford David Wilson, Lewisham, Deptford 

Khadija Badri, Dulwich and West Norwood 

Minnie Rahman, Islington South and Finsbury, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants Ferly Delantar, Parent/Guardian, Cities of London and Westminster 

Fatime Jadallah, Cheltenham 

Members of Parliament: 

Apsana Begum, MP for Poplar and Limehouse 

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, MP for Streatham 

Claudia Webbe, MP for Leicester East 

Zarah Sultana, MP for Coventry South 

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington 

Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles  

Kate Osborne, MP for Jarrow 

Paula Barker, MP for Liverpool, Wavertree  

John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington 

Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East 

Grahame Morris, MP for Easington 

Mick Whitley, MP for Birkenhead 

Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck 

Ian Byrne, MP for Liverpool West Derby 

Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead 

Lord John Hendy QC  

Baroness Christine Blower 


SEND Crisis, Tower Hamlets 

Nanny Solidarity Network 

Fight For The Five, Salford 

United Childcare Workers, United Voices of the World 

Greenwich NEU  

The Voice of Domestic Workers  

Kalayaan – UK’s leading charity supporting migrant domestic workers  

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants 

New Economics Foundation 

UK Women’s Budget Group 

Institute for Public Policy Research