WBG Remember Emma Ritch The Executive Director of Engender

Date Posted: Monday 19th July 2021

At the UK Women’s Budget Group, we had the privilege of working with Emma on a number of projects, including polling on the impact of Covid on women and the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy. When Emma met with the members of the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy in Glasgow in November 2019, we were struck by her eloquence, her extensive knowledge of a vast range of policy issues, and above all, her drive and determination to create a just world. In particular, we remember her determination to implement a truly intersectional way of working across the sector, and not to let Scotland off the hook in four-nations work by giving too much prominence to the many things that are done better in Scotland than in England, as this would undermine the advocacy efforts of Scottish organisations. It was an honour to learn from Emma and her loss will be felt deeply by all those working for gender equality, a cause she was so passionate about and to which she contributed so much. We will continue our work inspired by Emma.