Gender Responsive Budgeting Resources

Feb 28, 2018 | Main Feature, Resources

A comprehensive set of Gender Responsive Budgeting resources available to download and share for free.

The WBG has a long history of working to make budgets more transparent and of holding politicians to account for how money is gathered; we see this as being central to achieving gender equality. But there is so much more to do, especially if we want government budgets to help change the social ‘rules’ that are at the heart of inequality.

We’re been working with Oxfam to see how we can advance the position of women and young people in government budgets, and in partnership with them have produced a new set of Gender Responsive Budgeting resources – including a rough guide and a simple training budget cycle tool – will we hope, start to open the way for more people and groups, and especially women and women’s organisations, to join in and take action.

The budget cycle tool is designed to help activists, experts and policy makers consider what putting females, and other genders, at the heart of government budgets would look like. That way we can decide where best to focus our energies for lasting impact in our own countries and contexts.


Gender Responsive Budgeting: Rough Guide 

Gender Responsive Budgeting: The budget cycle diagram for trainers

Gender Responsive Budgeting: The budget cycle template

Gender Responsive Budgeting presentation

These resources are also available in French and Spanish and can be downloaded via the Oxfam website.


Photo credit: GRB training in Vietnam for youth and representatives of disadvantaged groups, including ethnic minorities and people with disabilities – CEPEW, Vietnam

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