About us

The Women’s Budget Group is at the forefront of scrutinising government policy from a gender perspective. We are a network of leading feminist economists, researchers, policy experts and campaigners committed to achieving a more gender equal future. We have worked towards this since 1989.

Our highly-respected research and analysis is regularly cited in Parliamentary debates, by academics, other NGOs and in the media.

We also work to build the capacity of women and women’s groups to participate in debates about economics and budgeting by running training workshops and developing resources.

The Women’s Budget Group is independent and not-for-profit. We are grateful to our funders and members who have supported our work over many years.

We are run by a Management Committee and have over 400 members. If you want to become a member, you’ll find more information and a sign up form here.

What is Feminist Economics?

  This is a man's world This is a man's world But it would be nothing Nothing without a woman or a girl James Brown wasn’t an economist – and I have it on good authority he wasn’t much of a feminist either – but even he understood that the roles of both men AND...

Feminist Budget Takeover

    On Monday 11th December the government has the opportunity to put fairness at the heart of our tax and benefit system. Stella Creasy MP, has put forward an amendment to the most recent budget asking the government to commit to analysing how its plans...