About us

The UK Women’s Budget Group is the UK’s leading feminist economics think tank that provides evidence and capacity building on women’s economic position and that proposes policy alternatives for a gender-equal economy. We act as a link between academia, the women’s voluntary sector and progressive economics think tanks.

We draw on a network of pro-bono experts from academia, the new economics and the women’s movements, alongside a professional staff team, who are all essential to our work.

We put feminism into economics and economics into feminism.

We run several projects that work to build the capacity of women’s organisations as well as national and international campaigning organisations and other equality groups.

Find out more about the capacity building work we are doing through our Local Data Project

Nationally, we have recently published our final report from our Feminist Green New Deal project. The report provides a clear roadmap to a sustainable and equal UK economy.

Internationally, our Global Partnerships & Learning Programme has been working together with civil society organisations on how they can effectively be in open dialogue with their governments to develop policies and allocate resources in ways that improve the lives of women, with an emphasis on the most marginalised women.

We strongly believe that we can all work together to design and demand a new economy: an economy which has the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet at its centre; an economy which values care, both paid and unpaid. Watch this short clip to understand why we urgently need alternative policies that can help create a caring economy now.