3rd Annual Early Career Network Conference

Feminist Futures: Reimagining Global Climate Justice


28 October 2021


2021 Conference Programme


As climate change intensifies, women continue to face higher rates of violence, displacement, poverty and unpaid labour. Yet, their voices and perspectives are systematically left out of the decision-making processes on climate solutions. Climate justice means addressing the climate crisis not simply as an environmental problem but as an opportunity to achieve social justice, placing at the centre the voices of those who will experience its most acute effects.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed entrenched inequalities and stark disparities in power, clearly exemplifying how a global crisis like this impacts people differently depending on their socioeconomic status, where they live, their gender, their age and other characteristics. The negative consequences of this crisis for gender equality are considerable. Recovery plans must address the uneven economic impacts of the pandemic and address the climate crisis too.  Feminists have continued to highlight the lack of intersectional gender analysis in the environmental sphere, where solutions rooted in orthodox economic thinking are often the norm.

With this conference, we aim to apply a feminist approach to the climate debate and shed light on key links between gender and climate change. We want to challenge existing policy frameworks on climate justice whilst creating a space to strengthen feminist thinking and solutions. As the world now moves forward from a global pandemic that shone a light on the foundational nature of care work, it is time to envision a future where feminised labour like child-rearing and adult social care are properly valued, financially rewarded, and a central part of our economy.

You can watch the recording of the full conference below 


Panel 1: Feminist Visions of the Future of Working

Panel 2: Toward a Just and Sustainable Feminist Future

Due to technical difficulties, Tracy Kajumba was unable to join the call to present. Click here instead to view Tracy’s fantastic presentation.

Roundtable: A Conversation with Feminist Climate Activists




For the 3rd Annual Early Career Network conference, Feminist Futures: Reimagining Global Climate Justice, we invite ECN members (students, academics, civil servants, voluntary workers, or third-sector researchers) who are engaging with ideas rooted in (feminist) environmental justice to present their research on 28 October 2021 virtually, via Remo.

This theme invites academics to consider a host issues, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Transforming social structures while ‘greening’ our economy
  • Addressing gendered power relations and potential unintended consequences of gender-blind Green New Deal plans
  • Exploring themes linked to feminist solidarity and the power of women-led collective action to address climate change, at global, national and local levels
  • Centring more care-based forms of ‘sustainability’ in green transition plans
  • Challenging neo-liberal extractivist capitalist solutions

This is a dedicated space for early-career researchers to present their research, including students. We particularly welcome submissions from communities under-represented in academia and policymaking, including women, people of colour, disabled people, working-class people and people from the LGBT+ community.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 250 words in the form below before 5pm Monday 9 August. Authors of successful papers will be informed by late-August. We welcome submissions from projects at any stage of the research process!