Feminist Green New Deal

What is the aim of the project?


The Feminist Green New Deal Project is in collaboration with the Women’s Environmental Network. Over 2 years, the project will seek to build support for an intersectional Feminist Green New Deal in the UK; engaging environmental, women’s, racial and social justice organisations.

It will do this by holding a series of roundtables (WBG), publishing policy papers (WBG), leading grassroots workshops (WEN), webinars and an event at COP26 in November 2021. We will produce an action statement at COP26 to galvanise support from campaigners, grassroots organisations, academics, policymakers and civil society.


Why is this project important?


Proposals for a Green New Deal to reform national economies while dramatically reducing C02 emissions have been in development around the world for over a decade. There are now a range of groups advocating a Green New Deal and plans share a commitment to a ‘just transition’ to a ‘green economy’.

However, Green New Deal proposals have paid little attention to gender and intersectional inequality and until recently there has been insufficient critical engagement with environmental and climate policies by mainstream feminists.

The climate crisis necessitates urgent action to transform our economy and society. Yet, although climate change will impact on everyone on the planet, it is women who will experience the most acute effects. Globally, women face increased vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, due to their different and unequal social roles and status.

There is an urgent need to develop and build support for a Feminist Green New Deal that will ensure gender equality is at the heart of strategies to tackle climate change and ensure that climate change is recognised as a priority by the UK women’s movement.


Draft Roadmap to a Feminist Green New Deal


Women’s Budget Group will lead on a series of roundtables with experts in policy areas important to a Feminist Green New Deal. We will publish policy papers outlining some of the most important areas to consider when building a green, low carbon, caring economy. You can read the full Draft Roadmap here which covers:

  • Mainstreaming intersectional analysis
  • Investing in collective social infrastructure
  • Greening care
  • Making automation and high-tech work for everyone
  • Rebuilding after Covid-19
  • Ensuring inclusive employment practices and a living wage
  • Rethinking housing supply and design
  • Redesigning physical infrastructure
  • Revitalising local communities and devolving power
  • Greening finance and central banking
  • Democratising banking


You can also read a longer policy paper on the Feminist Green New Deal here.

You can find out more about the grassroots workshops, led by our partner Women’s Environmental Network here.





Feminist Green New Deal