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* BUDGET 2015 *

WBG Press Release:
Fixating on the roof while the foundations crumble

To justify his spending priorities, the Chancellor today quipped ‘the sun is starting to shine and we are fixing the roof.’ This blinkered perspective deliberately ignores the growing crisis of under investment in the social infrastructure on which the economy rests. The 60 minute statement made no mention of vital areas such as childcare, social care, education and health. It makes no sense to fixate on the roof while causing the social foundation to crumble.

Read the full WBG press release here.

George: don’t fritter money away on pre-election give-aways, spend it on carers, teachers and homes instead!

In advance of tomorrow’s budget, the UK and Scottish Women’s Budget Groups are calling on the Chancellor  not to fritter money away on pre-election give-aways but to spend it on social infrastructure instead. 

Read our full pre-budget statement here.

Members can join us tomorrow in London to view the budget and respond to the Chancellor’s measures – more details here.

Briefing paper launch:
‘PLAN F: A Feminist Economic Strategy for a
Caring and Sustainable Economy’

IWD 2015

IWD 2015

This International Women’s Day, the Women’s Budget Group, in conjunction with their Scottish and Northern Irish counterparts, are launching PLAN F – a feminist plan for a caring and sustainable economy.

Plan F offers a sustainable economic strategy that
puts the well being of people first.
Investment in social care and social infrastructure
is not a drain on the country’s resources –
it’s the bedrock of a sustainable economy for the 21st century

Ruth Pearson
UK Women’s Budget Group Management Committee member

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is MAKE IT HAPPEN – so help us to spread the word on 8th March –
gender equality requires economic policies that value people!
In the run-up to the General Election, our message to politicians is clear – a caring and sustainable economy: MAKE IT HAPPEN!
#PlanF #womensday #MakeItHappen @womensbudgetgrp

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