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PEP Talk Podcast - Gender Equality

Commissioner Dr Angela O’Hagan appeared on the Wales Centre for Pubic Policy podcast talking about the recent report she wrote for them on gender budgeting, and referencing the work of the Commission.
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WiSE Centre for Economic Justice

Angela O’Hagan
Commissioner and WBG Management Committee member Angela O’Hagan produced a short write up of the Commission’s trip to Glasgow for the WiSE Centre’s blog.
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The Independent

‘Women bearing brunt of UK economic problems, new study finds’
Maya Oppenheim

This piece discusses the findings of the RSA’s report From Precarity to Empowerment: Women and the Future of Work, one of several policy papers commissioned by the Commission to inform our work. You can view the report and the other papers we have commissioned here.
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BBC Woman’s Hour

‘Why Women Need to Talk About Money’
WBG member Fran Bennett talks about the specific experience of women on low-incomes when it comes to money management and the role of state in supporting women, mentioning the work of the Commission in this context.
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BBC Woman's Hour

‘Susan Sontag, Feminist economics, Waad-al-Kateab’ Commissioner Dr Zubaida Haque and WBG Director Mary-Ann Stephens appear on BBC Women’s hour to talk about intersectionality in feminist economics, marking the 30th anniversary of both the WBG and the concept of intersectionality. They promoted the work of the Commission and the panel discussion the WBG hosted on the topic of intersectionality in feminist economics. You can watch a recording of the panel discussion here.
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The Observer

‘Economics will stay a man’s game while women are kept out of the equation’
Yvonne Roberts

A full editorial to mark the Women’s Budget Group’s 30th birthday.
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Huffington Post

‘Almost Half of Working Women Struggle to Pay Unexpected £100 Bill, says new report’
Rachel Wearmouth

As above, this piece discusses the findings of the RSA’s report From Precarity to Empowerment: Women and the Future of Work.
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Women in Leadership

A full page advert for the Commission.
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