Plan F: a feminist economic strategy for a caring and sustainable economy

Mar 8, 2015 | Analysis, Briefing Papers

Austerity has had a devastating impact on the poorest households and on women. By 2020 the living standards of the 10% lowest income households will fall by an average of 21%, more than five times as much as the cut to living standards of the top 10%. Women are hit harder than men and households headed by women such as lone parents and single female pensioners are hit hardest, both being about 20% worse-off on average in 2020.

In place of austerity the UK Women’s Budget Group, together with the Scottish Women’s Budget Group1, propose PLAN F, a long term feminist economic plan to invest in creating a caring and sustainable economy that prioritises care for people and for the planet.

This would mean:

  • Reverse cuts to public services and social security that have had particularly adverse impacts on women
  • Invest in social infrastructure- care, health, education and training services, social security and housing, complemented by investment in renewable energy and environmentally friendly public transport.
  • Reform plans for Universal Credit
  • Improve the terms and conditions of work for the paid work force who staff the social infrastructure the majority of whom are women
  • Strengthen worker’s rights throughout the economy. Raise the minimum wage to a level that ensures a decent living.
  • Ensure access to affordable care
  • Improve support for people – currently mainly women – who provide unpaid care in families and communities and encourage men to contribute more to unpaid care.
  • Create a social security system that aims at fairer sharing of caring and the costs of caring
  • Increase investment in social housing and in insulating homes. An affordable home for all is central to a caring economy.

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