Plan F: A feminist economic strategy for a caring and sustainable economy

Date Posted: Wednesday 25th July 2012

Pre-Budget Briefing, 2015

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For real economic recovery that benefits the majority of people in the UK and reverses the damage caused by the cuts to public services and social security introduced since 2010, we need a different economic strategy.

The UK Women’s Budget Group, together with the Scottish Women’s Budget Group, propose PLAN F, a long term feminist economic plan to invest in creating a caring and sustainable economy – and to fund it by measures such as cancelling plans for a new Trident submarine, ending tax giveaways that benefit better-off men much more than low income women, and cracking down on aggressive tax avoidance and evasion.

A caring and sustainable economy is based on mutual support and respect for rights. It is oriented to the broad and inclusive aim of improving our well-being in ways that reduce inequalities, not only today, but also for future generations. It prioritises care for people and for the planet.

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