Universal Credit Inquiry

Date Posted: Wednesday 27th June 2018

Submission to the Public Accounts Committee (June 2018)

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The Women’s Budget Group is pleased to be able to submit this response to the Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into Universal Credit.

Read and download our full submission here.

This submission gives an overview of the gender impact of Universal Credit, focusing on the problems with the structural design of the system and the recent changes that have been introduced to it.


We recommend action be taken to address these issues:


  • Payment to single bank account can facilitate financial abuse;consider split payments as default system.
  • Disincentives for second earners and for increasing hours in paid employment.
  • Two-child cap has an impact on larger families; remove the two-child limit in Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit.
  • Equality Impact Assessment; the DWP should develop an updated and revised Equality Impact Assessment, as suggested by the EHRC, that includes a detailed gender analysis drawing on the expertise of organisations such as the EHRC, the Women’s Budget Group, End Violence Against Women coalition, and Surviving Economic Abuse.