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Date Posted: Friday 2nd June 2017

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We’ve released four election blogs, with more to come! Alongside putting together our #ge2017forwomen website, the Women’s Budget Group has been busy writing pre-election.

Our Huffington Post Election blog series by Co-Director Mary-Ann Stephenson examines each party’s manifestos and what they mean for women on issues from Brexit to tax to funding for VAWG services.


‘We all need a safety net. Our social security system helps protect us in case of unemployment, illness or disability, helps support us in old age and helps with the additional costs of disability or bringing up children. Since 2010 there have been a series of cuts and changes to benefits and tax credits, that have hit women hardest.’

Read the rest of her blog on Social Security, the first of our election series.


‘Almost a year after the EU referendum, this election is the first time voters in the UK can have a say on our post Brexit future. But what are the parties offering, and what will that mean for women? The Women’s Budget Group analysis of the manifestos finds there are still more questions than answers.’

Read the rest of her blog on Brexit, the second of our election series.


Can we really afford free universal childcare? See Policy Chair Jerome de Henau’s blog on childcare for more.


What are the key stumbling blocks in providing good social care? Professor Sue Himmelweit has the answers.

Otherwise, keep posted on our most recent output on social media with the hashtag #ge2017forwomen