2nd call for evidence:

Transformative policies and practices


Building on our initial call for evidence, our second call for evidence sought examples of policies or practices which have had transformative impacts on gender equality. By ‘transformative’, we mean policies or practices which have, in a significant way, reduced inequality between women and men. These could be policies at an organisational, local, or national level, including examples from other countries.

We were interested in both policies which were intended to reduce gender inequality, as well as those which had other primary objectives, but which had a positive impact on gender equality.

We asked people to respond to the following questions

  1. Which policies or practices, that you know of, have had a transformative impact on gender equality?
  2. What happened as a result of the policy or practice?
  3. Was the policy or practice implemented at local, regional, national or international level?
  4. Could the policy or practice be implemented in other contexts? If so, how? If not, why not?

In total we received 33 submissions, some written and some verbal. You can view the written submissions by clicking on the buttons below.