Autumn/Winter Webinar Series: Inequalities and Covid-19 – Generation Covid: Young Women and Covid-19

Event Date: Friday 4th December 2020

The UK Women’s Budget Group are hosting a series of lunchtime webinars exploring the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on different groups of women in the UK. The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated inequalities of gender, race and ethnicity, age, disability and income. These discussions bring together policy expertise and lived experience to ask what has been the impact and what policies do we need now to improve the lives of marginalised women?Generation Covid:

Young Women and Covid-19

‘Generation Covid: Young Women and Covid-19′ will be hosted by the UK Women’s Budget Group, and will explore the impact Covid-19 has had on young women.

We will hear from the Young Women’s Trust and a young woman peer researcher on a report to be published in early December and Sara Reis (Head of Research and Policy, Women’s Budget Group) on a recent collaborative policy briefing from Women’s Budget Group and Young Women’s Trust, with further speakers to be announced. Register here