Autumn/Winter Webinar Series: Money in the Household: Social Security

Event Date: Monday 25th January 2021

Money in the Household: Social Security

‘Money in the Household: Social Security’ was hosted by the UK Women’s Budget Group, chaired by Karissa Singh (WBG),launched our policy briefing paper ‘Distribution of Money with in the Household and Current Social Security Issues for Couples in the UK‘ exploring how the allocation of social security payments impacts gender equality and in some cases, vulnerability to abuse. 

This webinar was part of a series of webinars hosted by the UK Women’s Budget Group addressing the most pressing issues facing women across the UK today.

We heard from Marilyn Howard (University of Bristol Law School) and Fran Bennett (Department of Policy and Social Intervention, University of Oxford) as they launched their latest research briefing looking at the distribution of money in the household and current social security issues. We also heard from Monica Costa Dias (Institute for Fiscal Studies) on how the allocation of household resources impact inequality, particularly on children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Watch the recording of our event here: