Launch event: A Green And Caring Economy

Date Posted: Tuesday 8th November 2022

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Read the final report ‘a Green and Caring Economy’ here

The current economic system has delivered the intersecting crises of climate and ecological breakdown and inequality. It has sought growth at any cost, and has treated the earth, nature and people carelessly in pursuit of profit. Women and other marginalised groups have both borne the brunt of this exploitation and are most vulnerable to a climate changing and increasingly unequal world.

Responding to these crises requires redesigning the economy around care: caring for the earth and its ecosystems, caring for the people who currently inhabit it, and caring for future generations.

In this webinar, we set out our vision for a Green and Caring Economy, the culmination of a two-year project, and discuss how our recommendations provide solutions to the current and intersecting crises in the economy, energy and equality.

Join Rebekah Diski (author), Roshini Thamotheram (WEN), Sam Alvis, Head of Economy at the Green Alliance, and Miriam Brett, Advisory Board Member at Common Wealth and Green New Deal Rising to hear more about A Green and Caring Economy and join a Q&A session.

Read the final report ‘a Green and Caring Economy’ here