Delve into data, learn about local government

Here you will find factsheets and explainers about all things data, and all things local. Work through our guides on how to access data spreadsheets, and how to do basic calculations. Use our templates to write your own press release, or to contact your MP.

What is data?

Read the first of our factsheets to find out more about data, and why data is important for women.

This brief explainer will also introduce you to some data analysis that has already been done at the local level, using publicly available data. Find out about housing costs for women in Coventry, for example.


How to read a spreadsheet

Work through our first explainer on how to access government datasets.

This brief ‘how to’ will introduce you to a publicly available dataset: The Family Resources Survey. Screenshots will guide you through where to find the data, and what to expect when you open the spreadsheet. You can also try out some simple calculations.


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