Media Round-Up: January 2021

Date Posted: Thursday 28th January 2021

Who's been talking about WBG this month?

BBC- Activists cheer as ‘sexist’ tampon tax is scrapped

The Guardian Opinion- Thank you, Katharine Whitehorn, for giving all the female reprobates a voice

Herald Scotland- Politicians told to ensure carers are central to recovery plans

The Independent- Government urged to give impoverished parents cash instead of vouchers after uproar over free school meals

The Independent- Germany introduces quota for women on company boards in landmark legislation

Business Live- Legal rights for home schooling parents: Can employees demand to be furloughed?

Financial Times- Parents forced to prioritise children over jobs as UK lockdown pressures bite

The Guardian- Tampon tax: government axes VAT on sanitary products

Mirror- Brutal 11 ways Covid pandemic is hitting women harder – from childcare to abuse

Daily Echo- ‘More women in Southampton in debt than men’

The Independent- Schools reopen more quickly in societies with equal opportunities for women, report finds

Hampshire Chronicle- More Winchester women in debt than men, study finds

The Guardian- UK school closures mean mothers will take twice as much unpaid leave as fathers – poll

The Independent- Government pulls ‘Stay at Home’ advert showing only women doing chores after major backlash

The Guardian- The empty Nightingale hospitals show the cost of putting buildings before people

The Big Issue- Women’s work is the bedrock of society – it’s time ministers support them

Woman’s Hour- Lockdown pressures on families over school closures and working