Media Round-up: July 2019

Date Posted: Wednesday 21st August 2019

Who's been talking about WBG this month?

No Room Of Her Own: The Truth About The Gender Housing Gap
Vicky Spratt, 17th July 2019

It’s fitting, then, that the Women’s Budget Group has referenced Woolf in the title of its new report, “A home of her own: women and housing” which concludes that nowhere – not a single place – in the United Kingdom right now is housing affordable for women.

ShowHouse News
Women are the hardest hit by unaffordable housing
Isla MacFarlane, 18th July 2019

The findings are revealed in a new report from the Women’s Budget Group and Women’s Housing Forum. This report is delivered as part of a project with the Coventry Women’s Partnership.

The report author, Dr Sara Reis, said: “Housing is one of the most urgent public policy issues in the UK with large number of people pushed into poverty by housing costs or unable to afford to rent or buy. But our report shows that this crisis of housing affordability is far worse for women than for men.

The Independent
Housing market locks out women as accommodation becomes unaffordable across England
Maya Oppenheim, 18th July 2019

Researchers found women need over 12 times their annual salaries to be able to buy a home in England. Men, on the other hand, need just eight times their annual salaries, according to the report by Women’s Budget Group and Women’s Housing Forum.

The Times
Millennial money: Don’t use your pension to buy a house
19th July 2019

Refinery 29
Rent Control In London: About To Change Our Lives (& Finances) Forever?
Vicky Spratt, 19th July 2019

There can be no doubt that the cost of housing is reshaping our city and our society. Only this week, we learned, courtesy of the Women’s Budget Group, that all over the country housing inequality is disproportionately affecting women, all of which, it goes without saying, is very bad news.

Big Issue
Women are locked out of the housing market by gender pay gap
Hannah Westwater, 19th July 2019

A report by campaigners Women’s Housing Forum and the Women’s Budget Group argues that housing is one of the most urgent public policy issues in the country, highlighting a housing system “in crisis”, the causes and impacts of which are gendered.

The Housing Crisis Is Hitting Women Hardest – Here’s Why
Imogen Richmond-Bishop, 19th July 2019

Research by the Women’s Budget Group released on Thursday shows how this crisis is disproportionately affecting women. It found that women earning the median salary, which is the middle number in a series, cannot afford to rent or buy an averagely priced property in any region across England.

The New European
Boris Johnson’s personal life raises questions about his political judgement
Jenna Norman, 26th July 2019

Feminist economists at the Women’s Budget Group have explained in depth why increasing the personal allowance favours men by essentially taking from poorer women to give to richer men. It would also see there be less tax revenue to fund public services which women rely on most to help with the unpaid burden of child, social and healthcare.

The Wokingham Paper
YOUR VIEWS: Readers’ letters
Phil Creighton, 26th July 2019

In a recent national study by the Women’s Budget Group and Women’s Housing Forum it was found that because women are often excluded from the housing market, not surprisingly, the majority of homeless people are women.