Media Round-Up: May 2023

Date Posted: Friday 26th May 2023

We are pleased to see that the BBC has listened to us and other organisations and will increase support for people struggling to pay the TV licence. 75% of those prosecuted for licence fee evasion are women, reflecting the disproportionate financial hardship they’re facing.
Sarah Ronan, Early Years and Childcare coalition lead, was on LBC talking to Lewis Goodall about the increase to early years and childcare funding for claimants of Universal Credit announced by the DWP, stressing that “The key part of today’s announcement is that the Government will be using the flexible support fund to allow those families to have the costs paid up front so they can get back into work and still secure that childcare they need.”
In a grim but very insightful interview on the housing crisis for the I Paper podcast, housing expert Vicky Spratt pointed to our research that highlighted that there’s not a single place in the UK where a woman on a median income can afford to rent or buy a home on her own. Listen to the whole episode here.
The Telegraph reported on a new official report revealing the disproportionate “negative impact” the expanison of Ultra Low Emmission Zones (ULEZ) might have on women, quoting our director Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson who pointed out that if London wanted to tackle the climate emergency and decarbonise the transport system it needed to do this in a “just and inclusive way that allows everyone to move around safely and affordably”, adding that “local authorities cannot ignore the gender disparities within transport systems.”