Media Round-Up: October 2023

Date Posted: Monday 30th October 2023

Our latest analysis on gender and wealth was featured as an exclusive in the New Statesman by Alona Ferber. She writes: “A stark gender wealth gap risks the “sustained” economic growth that Labour is aiming for under its first national mission.”

Our polling on women’s voting intentions and priorities was picked up by the Stylist, quoting our Deputy Director Dr Zubaida Haque: “While the polling data indicate the continuation of a generational trend of women voters moving away from Conservatives and towards Labour, our polling shows that women’s votes are in no way guaranteed and should not be taken for granted by any political party.”

Our polling data was also featured by Polly Toynbee in her column for the Guardian, in which she writes: Why are so many female voters undecided? Labour can engage them with policies, not politics”.

In a piece for the Cosmopolitan, reflecting on Sunak’s record one year in, Kimberley Bond and Amber O’Connor reference our calculations on the Government’s significant underfunding of childcare.

‘Cosy season is here – and with it the return of women’s self-imposed curfews’, writes Amber O’Connor for Cosmopolitan UK, referencing our report on Women’s Access to Justice which found that cuts to the civil legal aid budget are disproportionately affecting women.