Early Education and Childcare Coalition: 42% of Britons say early years reform will influence their vote at the next general election

Date Posted: Thursday 7th September 2023

Early Education and Childcare

Commenting on polling data released to launch the Early Education and Childcare Coalition today,

Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson, Director of the Women’s Budget Group said,

“Evidence released today marking the official launch of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition demonstrates that the public are on board with the aims of the Coalition, which brings together a diversity of parents, early years professionals, unions, think tanks and businesses working together for high quality, affordable and available early years education for every child and parent who needs and wants it.

“The Women’s Budget Group has long argued that care underpins a healthy economy as well as advancing gender equality and – in this case – ensuring children get the best start in life. We are proud to have developed the Coalition and now to host it and we look forward to our continued impact as we work together with the government and future governments to achieve a thriving early years sector.”


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About the Early Education and Childcare Coalition

The Early Education and Childcare Coalition is an independent group that unites the voices of parents, children, providers, those working in the sector and the wider business community. Our vision is of an early education and childcare sector that provides high-quality, affordable provision for all families in all communities, and with it, good pay, conditions, and funding for those providing that education and care. We use our collective voice and research to build public and political support for early education and childcare.

The Coalition was developed by the Women’s Budget Group, the UK’s leading feminist economics think tank, and is funded by the Kiawah Trust, a charitable foundation that supports initiatives to tackle educational and gender inequality. It was co-founded by the following organisations:

●        4 in 10

●        BookTrust

●        Children England

●        Citizens Advice

●        Community Union

●        Coram Family and Childcare

●        Dingley’s Promise

●        Early Education

●        Early Years Alliance

●        Fatherhood Institute

●        Fawcett Society

●        Federation of Small Businesses

●        Gingerbread

●        Joseph Rowntree Foundation

●        KIDS

●        London Early Years Foundation

●        Mumsnet

●      Nanny Solidarity Network

●      National Children’s Bureua

●      National Day Nurseries Association

●      National Education Union

●      Oxfam

●      PACEY

●      Pregnant Then Screwed

●      Save the Children

●      Sutton Trust

●      TUC

●      Twins Trust

●      UNICEF UK

●      UNISON

●      Women’s Budget Group

●      Working Families

●      Young Women’s Trust

About the Women’s Budget Group

The UK Women’s Budget Group (WBG) is the UK’s leading feminist economics think tank, providing evidence and analysis on women’s economic position and proposing policy alternatives for a gender-equal economy. We act as a link between academia, the women’s voluntary sector and progressive economic think tanks.