Plan F: Our General Election Manifesto Response

Jun 5, 2017 | News

The Women’s Budget Group have put together a full manifesto response to the policies of the seven main parties – Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, UKIP, WEP and the SNP.

In March 2015, the Women’s Budget Group and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group launched Plan F – a feminist economic strategy for a caring and sustainable economy that would benefit the majority of people and reverse the damage caused by austerity.

The Plan set out the policies required to achieve such a caring and sustainable economy and how those policies can be funded. WBG has updated plan F to take account of policy changes since 2015.

WBG members with relevant expertise have examined the manifestos of seven main parties – Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Greens, SNP, Women’s Equality Party and UKIP – and extracted from their pages those elements that relate to the policies in Plan F. These are described here in a straightforward way, identifying which party/parties offer the best chance of working towards the goals of Plan F.

Read our response in full WBG Manifesto Overview June 2017

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