Media Round-Up: November 2023

Date Posted: Friday 24th November 2023

Autumn Statement:

The Guardian ran new research from the Early Education and Childcare Coalition on the staffing crisis in the early years sector as an exclusive, headlining “Staff exodus could hinder expansion of free childcare in England, providers say”. WBG supported the research and our calculations on the shortfall in funding were also referenced in the piece.

In a piece published in the Financial Times exploring “Why Women are at the sharp end of the rental crisis”, WBG’s Emma Thackray adds important context on how “Punitive measures” like the cap on benefits and two-child limit are pushing women further into poverty and exacerbating the rental crisis for women.

Our director Dr Mary-Ann Stephenson was quoted in an article titled “Mother knows best: are we overlooking the value of stay-at-home mums?” published in Politics Home, stressing that “Instead of “family budgets”, we need “increased and extended paid leave, more flexible working, and secure part-time work.”

Labour Hub picked up our response to the King’s speech, which we believe was a missed opportunity to address the real and pressing issues facing society today.